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Fused Clapton 2x25/40 N80 (2 pairs)

Fused Clapton 2x25/40 N80 (2 pairs)

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These Fused Claptons are made by wrapping two 25 gauge round wires with a thinner 40 gauge wire.

One of the basic build you can get, but guaranteed to bring you great flavor and vapor production.



  • 2x25/40 Nichrome 80 wire
  • 2.5mm ID (0.09-0.13Ω dual) or 3.0mm ID (0.12-0.15Ω dual)
  • 5 wraps

Each container will come with FOUR handcrafted coils (specified above)

These coils are ultrasonically cleaned before packaging



*ATTENTION* These coils can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please be aware of battery safety and ohm's law before using these coils. They are for experienced users ages 18+.