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Framed Staple Alien N80

Framed Staple Alien N80

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These are Framed Staple Aliens, also known as Fraliens. The core is made by placing 6 strands of .3 ribbon wire between two strands of 28 gauge wire and then wrapping everything with 38 gauge "alien" wire. These Fraliens are best known for their quick ramp up time and amazing flavor.




  • 2x28/6x.3/38 NiChrome 80 wire
  • 3.0mm ID (0.10-0.13Ω dual)
  • 5 wraps

Each container will come with TWO handcrafted coils (specified above)

    These coils are ultrasonically cleaned before packaging



    *ATTENTION* These coils can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please be aware of battery safety and ohm's law before using these coils. They are for experienced users ages 18+.